A sample of presentations I've made, and their outcomes, grouped by industry.

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Mental Health

Presented a detailed overview of Native | React Native | PWA technologies to a potential enterprise health client. Won the client, a multi-million dollar contract, and went on to guide them towards the tech stack that best served them. (PWA -React / Node)• Guided engineering by enforcing standards, mitigating risks, innovating solutions, and coding PoC's where necessary to solve pain points beyond the team's capabilities.• Sourced third party software through research and correspondence. Selected appropriate partners, negotiated down costs by >100k, then handed vendors off to the client.• Created a Generative AI beta app PoC to prove efficacy of NLP and negative prompts.• Users evidenced a 40% increase in resiliency and 93% found the content meaningful, rating it four out of five stars overall.

Major Sport

Met with the client well into their existing contract. Proposed an increase in the scope of service, with solutions for restructuring their repository strategy. Won the expanded work order.• Researched the previous year of engineering activities, noting bad patterns.• Wrote a 75 page Whitepaper detailing their current state, including 12 signature problems and 3 major and 3 minor goals. Included 2 strategies to address their problems.• Created a PoC app with 4K lines of code and 20 external packages (multirepo), then migrated it to a monorepo and measured benchmarks.• Presented to the entire engineering org, with instructions for a transition to monorepo. Helped secure an additional year of contract work for five engineers.• Did a secondary study and presentation on how to create reusable components.

Presentation on the Monorepo and how to manage a migration.

Enterprise Fintech

Worked as a Director of Engineering on the account. Continued to present solutions to the bank's technical challenges. Won two large expansions of scope.• Presented a strategy for the creation of a reusable UI component system. Won this work, replacing another vendor. Sourced a team of six to carry out the work to great internal acclaim. Created 40 components and 400 variants within six months, increasing future development speed by 57%.• Worked with my team to propose a wholistic modernization of the infrastructure and middleware. Won this work as well. Reduced old code by 70%, doubled code coverage, incorporated universal static analysis, and decreased dashboard load times by 90%.• Designed a new modularized feature architecture that allowed whole screen flows to be reused across corporate apps. This further reduced development time by avoiding a full-app build during feature development.• Researched and wrote a white paper on React Native, as the bank was moving forward with a sub-optimal plan of integration. Sourced and hired an expert to build my own novel React Native integration. Presented my findings, won the work, and saved the bank untold time and money, as well as developer frustration and inevitable churn.• Researched best-practice SDLC and created a white paper and accompanying video to present to the client. This was created to mitigate bad processes that were in play on their teams.

Various slides from topical presentations and demos.

Presentation on best practice in an Agile SDLC.

Pet Care

Entered into the sales process after the relationship had been established. Joined the final RFP presentation to share a strategy for modular, reusable UI components, and to discuss the differences between Native | React Native | PWA. Mapped out their entire enterprise app, captivated their attention, and won a multi-million dollar account. Immediately handed off to another engineer who led the work, which was done in React Native.

Slides from the RFP demo that won the multi-million dollar contract.


Here are a few other presentations that I've made with great outcomes. These date back to my days at Nike Digital Innovation, and even before that, to my first company, Savageapps.

(Above) My TED X talk on technology and the arts to a crowd of 1,000 attendees.

Participated in two Nike Digital Innovation Hackathons, the first two ever hosted. Took first place in both, and even won the popular vote. Presented our work before a crowd of 500, and our apps, unlike our competitors, were fully functional.

The logo I created for my second company, Varlio. This was an Augmented Reality company that brought fine art to life. Pitched the concept at a regional entrepreneurial competition and took first place. Pitched to Shark Tank (the show) and made it to the second round. Later pitched to an investor and won a 300K investment for 10% of the company.

Savageapps was my first company, started with two friends. We were initially focused on jailbreaking phones until the AppStore was created and we all "went legit." Much of the success of the company was based on the ongoing presentation of our apps through marketing channels. Handled innovation engineering, presentations, and all the design of the apps and marketing materials, as seen above.